Karakaş Sewage Services

As Karakaş Sewer, we are pleased to offer you professional sewer truck and trenching services to your esteemed people of Mugla (Fethiye, Seydikemer, Gocek, Dalaman, Ortaca, Bodrum, Marmaris).

Our services

Hotel Restaurant Oil Pit Cleaning

It prevents biodegradation of wastes accumulated in some septic bases, prevents overflowing and unpleasant odors. It extends the withdrawal period of the septic tank by several times.

Sewer Construction

Sewer construction, sewage lines, control, connection, ventilation, such as to provide functions.

Swimming Pool Cleaning

Before the swimming pool can be connected, the walls before the filling, the dirt, oil and limes made by washing are cleaned.

Sewage, Duct, Septic Tank Cleaning

Solid wastes accumulated in the sewer line cause the filling of the canals if they are not cleaned periodically in the urban infrastructure and thus the sewage blockage.

Toilet, Bathroom, Sink

Hotel restaurant home workplace, etc. areas toilet, bathroom, sink congestion work is done.

Sewage Monitoring

The devices we have are able to record the current state of the waste water pipes by photographing and video recording so that we can see exactly what the problem is.